Gosafe Culture


Our Vision

Gosafe is dedicated to enhancing the value of our customer’s business through intelligent integration of location technology, information and services.

Cutting-Edge Technology

At Gosafe we value the application of our technology. We remain focused to provide those products which help to improve business as well as personal lives. Gosafe is also dedicated on its aggressive roadmap to provide state-of-the-art applications that meet the evolving demands of all markets around the world. From manufacturing to installation, roll-out and through our customer support, Gosafe continues its lead and has established its ever-expanding range of feature-rich products around the world.

Novel Software Solution

Revolution in technology is leading to integrate numerous electronic devices like mobiles and smart phones etc. Hence, moving ahead from the old static navigation or a mark-on-the –map, we have introduced a powerful web-based location and telematics solution “Anytracking”. This software enables you to have real-time as well as historical information together, which was previously un-imagined. With a freedom to know exact location of your moving assets and tracking their past route pattern, you can better manage your mobile resources.

Core Values
Customer First

The customer is our top priority. We believe in putting customer requirements, feedback and convenience at the forehead of our business process.

Quality End-Product

We strictly believe to maintain our competitive edge by producing quality end-product(s) for achieving customer satisfaction and large market share in a highly dynamic market environment.

Innovation And Originality

We rely on innovation and have very staunch belief in venturing on new, enticing and pure ideas that are beneficial for customers as well as our business growth.

Commitment & Professionalism

Professional approach and full commitment is the key of our technical competitiveness, success and growth in the market. We have highly professional team members who with their full dedication focus to attain customer satisfaction and company’s goals.

Research & Development (R & D)

The foundation of Gosafe’s R&D system is its vertically integrated technological elements. In our production system, all technological elements are sequenced and mutually connected with each other.

Specifically, Gosafe‘s integrated production system leads from design, production technology, electronic components, materials, processing, and embedded software to finished products, analysis and evaluation.

Specialists representing various fields closely exchange information with each other to seek a common goal of obtaining flexibility and efficiency in R&D system of Gosafe’s, hence giving lead to it in the industry.